Vienna Christmas Market!

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This weekend we have visited our friends in Vienna. We have already been a couple of times, including New Year’s Eve, so we know all about the beauties of this city. This was a first time we were there during their traditional and well known Christman markets. Let me tell you people, you have never seen so many people in one place. Punch and wooden stands attract customers with holiday treats and handcrafted goods. The Vienna Christmas Market is truly an unforgettable experience.

As of my outfit, this is currently my “Go-To” outfit. I am such a fan of leather, but never had a good pair of leather pants. When I scored these beauties, I got addicted instantly, because they are a perfect winter style staple.
They are so warm and cozy, making the outfit perfectly effortless. How come I lived for so long without them?

I am leaving best for last. I have a short love story to tell you, about this fur coat. Saw it a few months ago when fur coats just started making worldwide boom. It was quite pricey, and I just bought my camel coat, so didn’t want to get myself into the trouble :)
Finally Black Friday came and found it again in the store, 50 % OFF, only one size left, but without a belt :(
Well that of course didn’t stop me from buying it and waiting a week until I find a great belt to match it with. Sometimes you have to wait for the good things in life :)

Have a great Monday guys!

H&M Leather Pants
Mel’sJewellery Necklace
Reserved FurĀ Coat
Replica of Chanel Bag
Humanic Boots
Parfois Belt