Ode to Rome

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As I promised in last post, I am bringing you some travel tips for all of you heading to Rome. It has been almost a month, but for me it seems so surreal. There are so many places to see and visit, so if you are planing just to go there for a weekend, don’t bother :)
Initially when we planed our trip to Rome, we wanted to visit Florence as well. It has been my dream place to see for long time. After seeing Rome for first two days, we found out that it is impossible to see everything in just 3 days and to go to Florence as well. So Florence will have to stay my dream for now and reason to go back soon.

If its your first trip to Rome and you are landing at Leonardo da Vinci(Fiumicino Airport), I highly recommend to buy online bus ticket, which will take you to main Termini Station. We bought ticket online with  company Terravision. It is super cheep, only 4 Euro one way. From Termini station, you can after take metro to everywhere you need. Metro is quite simple and cheep. One way ticket is 1,5 Euro.

Where to stay in Rome:
After few days of checking different hostels/hotels, I stumble upon Airbnb, where I found great apartment located only 4 metro stations from city center. I was positively supriced that price for whole apartment was less than hostel/hotel and you have whole apartment for yourself. After this experience, will definitely be using it for the future trips :)

What  to see:
Here’s a list of the famous tourist attractions that you really have to see, at least for first time visitors.

  • The Colosseum
    Colosseum is must see in Rome. We visited it during our first day in Rome. We didn’t get inside, but If you do want to go in, the ticket is combined with the Forum Romanum and the Palatine Hill (priced at €12). Next time I will definitely take the night tour, as I heard it’s much better.
  • The Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill
    One word guys: BREATHTAKING.  It was for centuries the center of Roman public life: the venue for public speeches and famous gladiatorial matches. Located in the small valley between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, the Forum today is a architectural and historical ruin, attracting millions of tourists yearly. True heart of ancient Rome.
  • The Vatican City
    As I mentioned in previouse post HERE, It really is a place everyone should visit, regardless if you are religious or not.
  • The Trevi Fountain
    Fountain which I saw in so many movies and was so eager to see, but was so disappointed to see it under complete reconstruction.  Even we didn’t have a chance to throw a coin into the water, I truly hope we will return there one day to do so.
  • The Pantheon
    We visited it second day after searching for it for a while. It is located between little hidden streets. Such incredible place , you would never think it is 2000 years old. The interior is breathtaking. There was no entrance fee so that’s a plus :)
  • The Spanish Steps
    I really can’t describe why, but this is my favorite spot in Rome. Maybe because I saw it so many times in different TV shows, movies. Not sure, but I know that I just loved it. 138 stairs  between the Piazza di Spagna e and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, with the church Trinità dei Monti above, which was also under total reconstruction at the time we were there. At the top of the Spanish Steps you will find a different artists painting visitors portraits and caricatures. I could sit there for ages, have my Gelato and realize  how life is simply beautiful.


Arrivederci Roma. Until the next time :)


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Eternal City

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We started our second day in Vatican City. We didn’t go inside of St. Peter’s Basilica as we didn’t have patient like others to wait for few hours in line. We are typical Balkans, patience is not our virtue :)

We still had change to go walk around whole St. Peter’s Square. It is really mesmerizing place and MUST see. I was surprised that during the day there were so many people there, but so peaceful and breathtaking. It really is a place everyone should visit, regardless if you are religious or not.

Rome is famous for all its public spaces where people can sit, eat Gelato (Famous Italian ice cream)  and just be tranquil. If there are steps or stairs you’ll likely see someone sitting on them. From Spanish Steps to Piazza del Popolo you will come across designer shops and local restaurants. But if you just enter in the beautiful hidden streets in between, you will find great food and even better coffee places, which for us coffee addicts its more crucial :)

In next post I will write some great tips where to stay and travel guide what to see in Rome. Stay tuned!


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When in Rome







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Ciao from Rome!

These photos were taken actually 2 weeks ago from our long planned trip to Rome. I have been a few times now in Italy… from Venice, Verona to Milan, but Rome, on the other hand people, Rome was different story. This is the place where I want to go back, and who knows maybe stay :)
This trip was exactly what I needed.

These photos are taken from the first day when we landed. I wanted to share with you my outfit for the day. Casual and oh so comfy :)
Stay tuned for some more stories and photos :)


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