Lazy Work Outfit!

While I was preparing  another post,  I remembered that I have one drafted post from few days back which I totally forgot(first hint: longer hair :)). If I don’t do something immediately, I will totally forgot about it and maybe remember after few years. Happens to me most of the time. Now you will ask yourself, why I don’t use some organizing app in my phone? Well I have it, I just forget about it…SIMPLE :)


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This was that kind of day, that I call “D day”, when you have tough time waking up, have no clue what to wear and you have bad hair day. Usually I always know what to wear and have in my head, prepared outfit. But the other day,  I woke up and I had no idea and wasn’t prepared to thing that much :). That’s why I wore mostly black. You can never go wrong with black. Also, I usually always wear heels, but was on the feet whole day, and these are truly best flats for that busy kind of day. Amazing ZARA flats are so classy looking, modern and yet so affordable. They are unfortunately sold out, but there are similar still in the store(link below).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. Wish you amazing day! 


Zara loafers(SOLD OUT- similar HERE)
H&M Coat(OLD- similar HERE)

H&M blouse(OLD- similar here)
Reserved pencil skirt 
Max&Co. Sunglasses
Thrifted bag

Fairytale Town II!

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As I wrote in previous post HERE, our time spent in this small fairy tale town was truly magical. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities we visited. We had such a luck to have beautiful but quite chilly weather, so I was all for comfortable clothes. Comfortable for me means dresses not pants people, maybe you already noticed it :)

This outfit, especially this sweater was definitely been my go-to outfit lately. I wore it almost everyday (don’t judge :))
When you travel, the sweater is a good idea to ensure that you’re always comfortable. It is truly necessary layering during colder weather. Perfect versatile piece which you can wear with almost anything.

Do you have one piece of the clothes that you are absolutely obsessed with?

Hope you had wonderful weekend guys.


Zara dress-(OLD-similar HERE)
Goodnight Macaroon Cardigan
Vagabond Ankle Boots
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’s Jewellery Necklace
Max&Co. Sunglasses

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

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These photos were taken from our romantic getaway (Wink Wink) this weekend, beautiful town called Český Krumlov. It is a small city in the South Region of the Czech Republic, which was included to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments. I was always thinking that cities in general, can’t look better in person than in all those seller photos you can find on the web. As always, I was wrong, as this is the first time I was absolutely mesmerized by the city and its beauty. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you have already seen some of the photos I posted. Truly love at first sight.

I am so grateful for the weather these past few days here in Czech Republic, which for me means I can take my babies (heels of course :)) for maybe last walk this season. These beauties are from the Sally Herringbone collection sold in Bata. My first textile printed heels, and so surprised how they are so easy to include into my clothing and add that perfect something extra to my everyday look. Stay tuned for part II from our mini vacation :)

Have a great Monday guys.

P.S if you haven’t noticed already, I have colored and chopped my hair little bit (HELLO fall makeover :)). Thanks to my best hair stylist and amazing person Sebastian (Hair studio Framesi). If you are ever in Prague or living here, in need of change…than this is the place for you :)

Zara blouse-(OLD-similar HERE)
Promod leather skirt
Heels Sally HERRINGBONE by Bata
Mango Camel Coat
Zara sweater(OLD-similar HERE)
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE

Dress Code

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We have quite strict dress code in our company. From one side, I am loving it, cause it makes me dress up every day, and from another hand it is quite challenging not to dress every day something black. Don’t get me wrong, I love black. Not love, I adore black clothes.

Just because of my crazy obsession, I  made myself a mental note, not to wear ALL black to work. Of course I don’t stick to it always, because when is rainy outside, my brain doesn’t work on 100%(like it ever does :)),  and I take first black dress in my closet. (how much black dresses girl should have? ). If your answer is infinite, you are on the right place :)

Let’s get back to this red dress. I bought it last year in M&S, and from then it is on repeat. You can’t see it on photos above, but this dress has on both sides zippers,  and back side is little longer then front. This makes it so transitional, as I can easily change it from work to date night look with just adding leather jacket, which I wear most of the time.
Living on Cloud 9 with this outfit is one step away of being featured on  People Magazine. You can read more about it HERE.

Tell me, does your company have dress code? If yes, do you find it challenging?

Nife  Coat-similar here
H&M Pumps
Mel’sJewellery  Necklace
Sophie Hulme bag
Marks&Spencer Dress
Max&Co. Sunglasses

Peplum Magic

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I have been always afraid of peplum. Peplum dresses, tops. Not quite sure why. Probably I was thinking that it fits to particular body type, and that for some reason in not complementary to mine, because my upper body is bigger than my lower body. But than just for fun I tried this peplum top and I was so positively surprised that, it doesn’t just fits really perfectly but it also seems like minimizing top. I know I know, it is all in my head :)

It truly emphasize curves and gives you a that slimming affect, and at the same time gives illusion of curves to those without.  If this is not magic, I don’t know what is :)

What I always liked about peplum tops is variety of styles that you can wear it with. Throw it on for work with pencil skirt and pumps , or wear it for a date night out with jeans and essential statement necklaces or earrings.

So ladies, embrace the peplum, don’t fear it.

H&M Peplum Top
H&M Skirt
Reserved Leather Jacket
Vagabond Platform shoes
Mel’sJewellery  Crystal Necklace

Autumn inspiration

If there is one item that you should have in your wardrobe this fall it is camel coat.  THEY ARE BACK people and I can’t be more happier.

For few months now I was on the hunt for great camel coat for myself. Pinterest is always great place to find an inspiration. Below are just few of my favorite finds. What I love most about these coats is that they are truly timeless wardrobe essential, and going with all styles. They can be easily transferred from casual day look with boyfriend jeans to business look.

Mel04 Mel01 Mel02 Mel03 Mel05


After long search, I found this perfect camel coat below,  that is affordable, suits my body type perfectly and it is from wool: PLUS, PLUS and PLUS. Can’t wait for more colder weather to wear it and to share some photos with you guys :)



Every woman should own one of these coats in their closet, don’t you agree?

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