Wellness Weekend!

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These past few months I feel much more exhausted and need for a vacation. We are still making plans for our holiday. Until then we decided to go for wellness weekend in one of the beautiful cities in Czech Republic, just 200 km from Prague. Františkovy Lázně is world renowned as a spa. This is really a place to escape everyday life, and sanctuary to which you can retreat.

These days, I am all in peplum tops. They are so flattering to my baby bump. Luckily, I am still wearing all of my old close. Week by week they are getting thither, so I am expecting to switch to full maternity close any day now. I know this will be so challenging, but I am looking forward to it :)

 Have a great weekend ahead guys! 


Zara trousers-(OLD-similar HERE)
H&M Peplum Top
Mel’s Jewellery Necklace
Zara loafers(SOLD OUT- similar HERE)
Reserved Leather Jacket(OLD-similar HERE)
Thrifted bag




Mel’s Jewellery Shop!

As you have must already noticed in some of the post, most of the statement necklaces are from
Mel’s Jewellery store, which is my another hobby. I am saying hobby because I think when a hobby turns into work, you lose the joy of doing it. I wanted to write this post over and over again, but I was always leaving for after, wanted to be my little secret. These below are some of the first photos we actually took for the store in August 2014 while in Rome.

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All of my friends know that I always loved jewellery, especially great statement pieces, so many of them often asked, why I don’t start my small retail shop and just give it a go. That came to my mind million times, but I was scared of failure.  After few years in corporate firm and working in IT with only guys, who don’t care about beauty, fashion  like me, I wanted to start finally something I know I love, and to which I can run to after   9to5 job. After few years of soul searching, I started in August 2014 Mel’s Jewellery  retail shop. Mel’s Jewellery collaborates with one of the distribution centers for ZARA stores, just offering much more affordable and budget friendly prices. For me, jewellery truly  is a pleasure, obsession and art, and I am hoping that 2015 will bring some great changes and improvements, like our website, which is currently under construction.

Some great giveaways are coming your way with Mel’s Jewellery, so stay tuned.

So this is ME people, taking my secret passion and bring it out into the open :)


OVS Fantasy trousers
H&M Blouse(OLD- similar HERE)
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace

H&M Dress
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace

H&M Boyfriend jeans
Zara Blouse
H&M Loafers
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace


Budapest II!


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As I promised, I am bringing you some Budapest magic and some travel tips for those who are planning to visit this beautiful city.
We stayed for four days, and it was enough for us to visit all those well-known places.

As I did similar post from Rome HERE, I am bringing you some helpful tips where to stay and what is a MUST  see while in Budapest.

Where to stay in Budapest:

After Rome, we again reserved a whole apartment for ourselves via Airbnb. We had amazing flat located in the center of the Budapest, with all city sightseeing places in walking distance.
I have to say, after using Airbnb for few times now, I would never stay in hostels/hotels ever again. I highly recommend it to everyone.

What  to see:
Here’s a list of the famous tourist attractions that you really have to visit and see.

  • Heroes’ Square
    Largest and most impressive square of the city. It is located near two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts and Hall of Art, also next to beautiful City Park, where we took or photos from previous post here. I wish we visited also during the night, because during the winter, there is huge ice rink, just next to the City Park.
  • Central Market Hall
    Largest indoor market in Budapest. On the second floor, you can find clothes and souvenir stands. We actually used our time here to buy some small souvenirs and gifts.
  • Gellért Hill
    This was one of my favorite places we visited. I always loved great panoramas, and this is the best place to see some amazing panoramic views of Budapest.
    Budapest’s Statue of Liberty stands on top of the hill, and can be seen from all parts of the city. If you like to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, than this is MUST see.
  • Fishermen’s Bastion
    Next to the breathtaking Matthias Church (first photo), you can find the Fishermans Bastion. From the towers and the terrace there is absolutely beautiful panoramic view of Danube, Pest and  Gellért Hill. Entrance is for free, except if you want to enter the lookout at the tower, which I think is not necessary, as you have  equally beautiful view for free.
  • Váci Street
    ‘Váci utca’ is definitely most famous street in Budapest. It is a long street full of pubs, restaurants and shops. I recommend it only for window shopping, as most of the restaurants and souvenir shops are quite expensive.
  • Royal Palace
    The Royal Palace is visible from almost everywhere in Budapest. This place is massive. Buda castle is exactly on the top of the hill, close to Fisherman Bastion. From the top  there is wonderful view to entire Budapest.
  • Budapest Parliament
    Definitely one of the most beautiful architectures I have seen. This is the world’s third largest Parliament building. Stunning view during day and night. I highly recommend to take tram number 2 during the night. It will take you around Danube river, with amazing view on Fishermen’s Bastion, Gellért Hill and Parliament.
  • Chain Bridge
    This is the first bridge that  connected Buda and Pest side.  It is offering one of most stunning view of the Danube river.Hope this will be helpful for all of you planning your trip to Budapest.

Have a great weekend guys  :)


GEOX boots (On Sale now)
Mel’sJewellery Necklace
Zara blouse-similar HERE
Zara sweater(OLD-similar HERE)
Thrifted bag
H&M Coat (OLD)
H&M leather skirt (SOLD OUT- limited edition)


New Year In Budapest!


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I’m back! I’m alive people! After returning from our trip, I’ve caught this bad flu and I’ve been under the blankets for four days now. I still don’t feel so good, but I missed you guys, and all of your blogs. I have to catch up on all the reading.

As you know, and for those who follow me on Instagram, we have been in Budapest with our friends for the New Year. These photos were taken from our first day there. Don’t let the sun deceive you of thinking it was a warm and perfect weather. It was freezing the entire time, overnight temperatures dipped down to -15C.

As soon as I feel better, I will write a post about beautiful Budapest and some essential travel tips, if you are planning your adventure to this mesmerizing place. So stay tuned :)

Hope you guys are all well, and that beginning of the New Year brought you some great new things and new resolutions.
Did I miss something while being away? Tell me everything :)

Mango Camel Coat(-20% OFF)
Reserved gloves
Reserved Hat
H&M dress(SOLD OUT)
Replica of Chanel Bag
Humanic Boots
Thrifted scarf


Vienna Christmas Market!

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This weekend we have visited our friends in Vienna. We have already been a couple of times, including New Year’s Eve, so we know all about the beauties of this city. This was a first time we were there during their traditional and well known Christman markets. Let me tell you people, you have never seen so many people in one place. Punch and wooden stands attract customers with holiday treats and handcrafted goods. The Vienna Christmas Market is truly an unforgettable experience.

As of my outfit, this is currently my “Go-To” outfit. I am such a fan of leather, but never had a good pair of leather pants. When I scored these beauties, I got addicted instantly, because they are a perfect winter style staple.
They are so warm and cozy, making the outfit perfectly effortless. How come I lived for so long without them?

I am leaving best for last. I have a short love story to tell you, about this fur coat. Saw it a few months ago when fur coats just started making worldwide boom. It was quite pricey, and I just bought my camel coat, so didn’t want to get myself into the trouble :)
Finally Black Friday came and found it again in the store, 50 % OFF, only one size left, but without a belt :(
Well that of course didn’t stop me from buying it and waiting a week until I find a great belt to match it with. Sometimes you have to wait for the good things in life :)

Have a great Monday guys!

H&M Leather Pants
Mel’sJewellery Necklace
Reserved Fur Coat
Replica of Chanel Bag
Humanic Boots
Parfois Belt


Fairytale Town II!

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As I wrote in previous post HERE, our time spent in this small fairy tale town was truly magical. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities we visited. We had such a luck to have beautiful but quite chilly weather, so I was all for comfortable clothes. Comfortable for me means dresses not pants people, maybe you already noticed it :)

This outfit, especially this sweater was definitely been my go-to outfit lately. I wore it almost everyday (don’t judge :))
When you travel, the sweater is a good idea to ensure that you’re always comfortable. It is truly necessary layering during colder weather. Perfect versatile piece which you can wear with almost anything.

Do you have one piece of the clothes that you are absolutely obsessed with?

Hope you had wonderful weekend guys.


Zara dress-(OLD-similar HERE)
Goodnight Macaroon Cardigan
Vagabond Ankle Boots
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’s Jewellery Necklace
Max&Co. Sunglasses


Mirror Mirror on the wall…

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These photos were taken from our romantic getaway (Wink Wink) this weekend, beautiful town called Český Krumlov. It is a small city in the South Region of the Czech Republic, which was included to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments. I was always thinking that cities in general, can’t look better in person than in all those seller photos you can find on the web. As always, I was wrong, as this is the first time I was absolutely mesmerized by the city and its beauty. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you have already seen some of the photos I posted. Truly love at first sight.

I am so grateful for the weather these past few days here in Czech Republic, which for me means I can take my babies (heels of course :)) for maybe last walk this season. These beauties are from the Sally Herringbone collection sold in Bata. My first textile printed heels, and so surprised how they are so easy to include into my clothing and add that perfect something extra to my everyday look. Stay tuned for part II from our mini vacation :)

Have a great Monday guys.

P.S if you haven’t noticed already, I have colored and chopped my hair little bit (HELLO fall makeover :)). Thanks to my best hair stylist and amazing person Sebastian (Hair studio Framesi). If you are ever in Prague or living here, in need of change…than this is the place for you :)

Zara blouse-(OLD-similar HERE)
Promod leather skirt
Heels Sally HERRINGBONE by Bata
Mango Camel Coat
Zara sweater(OLD-similar HERE)
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE