Mel’s Jewellery Shop!

As you have must already noticed in some of the post, most of the statement necklaces are from
Mel’s Jewellery store, which is my another hobby. I am saying hobby because I think when a hobby turns into work, you lose the joy of doing it. I wanted to write this post over and over again, but I was always leaving for after, wanted to be my little secret. These below are some of the first photos we actually took for the store in August 2014 while in Rome.

livingoncloud01livingoncloud07 livingoncloud02 livingoncloud03 livingoncloud04 livingoncloud05

All of my friends know that I always loved jewellery, especially great statement pieces, so many of them often asked, why I don’t start my small retail shop and just give it a go. That came to my mind million times, but I was scared of failure.  After few years in corporate firm and working in IT with only guys, who don’t care about beauty, fashion  like me, I wanted to start finally something I know I love, and to which I can run to after   9to5 job. After few years of soul searching, I started in August 2014 Mel’s Jewellery  retail shop. Mel’s Jewellery collaborates with one of the distribution centers for ZARA stores, just offering much more affordable and budget friendly prices. For me, jewellery truly  is a pleasure, obsession and art, and I am hoping that 2015 will bring some great changes and improvements, like our website, which is currently under construction.

Some great giveaways are coming your way with Mel’s Jewellery, so stay tuned.

So this is ME people, taking my secret passion and bring it out into the open :)


OVS Fantasy trousers
H&M Blouse(OLD- similar HERE)
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace

H&M Dress
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace

H&M Boyfriend jeans
Zara Blouse
H&M Loafers
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
Mel’sJewellery Necklace

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