New Year In Budapest!


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I’m back! I’m alive people! After returning from our trip, I’ve caught this bad flu and I’ve been under the blankets for four days now. I still don’t feel so good, but I missed you guys, and all of your blogs. I have to catch up on all the reading.

As you know, and for those who follow me on Instagram, we have been in Budapest with our friends for the New Year. These photos were taken from our first day there. Don’t let the sun deceive you of thinking it was a warm and perfect weather. It was freezing the entire time, overnight temperatures dipped down to -15C.

As soon as I feel better, I will write a post about beautiful Budapest and some essential travel tips, if you are planning your adventure to this mesmerizing place. So stay tuned :)

Hope you guys are all well, and that beginning of the New Year brought you some great new things and new resolutions.
Did I miss something while being away? Tell me everything :)

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189 thoughts on “New Year In Budapest!

    • Thanks so much Lena. This is a plus of living in Europe. So open to another amazing countries and places. Thanks for visiting love. Have a great day. Kiss, Mel


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