Working Christmas!

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To most people Christmas Day is truly festival of overeating,  laying under blanked and watching  favorite Christmas movies, and overdosing on chocolate. For others(myself included), it’s just another day at work.

Working in IT sometimes has some disadvantages, like working 24/7. This means this year was my turn to work on Christmas day :(  Yeah, you heard it correctly.
Celebrating working Christmas day with much needed comfy and casual outfit.

Wish you one more time Merry Christmas. Wish you happy and healthy Holiday season.

How was your Christmas day, friends?

Promod Sweater
Reserved boyfriend jeans
Mel’sJewellery Necklace
Vagabond ankle boots(SOLD OUT) – simillar HERE ON SALE 
Zara blouse-similar HERE
Reserved Fur Coat
Parfois Belt
Thrifted bag

146 thoughts on “Working Christmas!

  1. P.S. I also worked over Christmas….I think that although we did not have a day off, Christmas is more about your mental state than the harsh “reality”…not to mention that I like when there are only few people in the office and it is quiet and calm…so I hope that you had a lovely Boxing Day and today.


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  2. Sorry you had to work for Christmas but I’m sure it was much appreciated. My husband is a web developer and use to work in IT, so I can relate. Hope you still had some time to relax and enjoy family. Wishing you the best in the New Year!

    P.S. Love the outfit! You look chic as per usual. :)


  3. Your coat and accesories are very cool! Your all style is so chic!
    Some inspiration for you in the new year at Talis Romania – Povestea unui sezon


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