Perfect pair of boyfriend jeans!

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People who knows me well, know that I never and I mean never was pants gal, no to trousers and especially no to jeans. Why you ask? -I can tell you immediately 10 reasons why, from they never fit quite right to they’re never the right length.

Let me now fast-forward to the present, and just go through my previous post and you will find already 3 post with me wearing pants. I have found perfect pair flattering to my body and from then on, they are constantly on repeat.

If someone would tell me few years back that I would wear so much of jeans, I would definitely say they were crazy and have some snarky comment: who in crazy mind would give so much money for jeans and especially RIPPED one?  Yeah, don’t say it twice, I know :)

After I found these great boyfriend jeans in H&M, I wear them on casual Fridays at work, weekends, date nights, just everywhere.
Boyfriend jeans are easily one of favorite trends to have emerged in the last few years. Easy to wear and so chic when styled with the right pieces and accessories.

Have you got your boyfriend jeans, yet?

Mango Camel Coat 
H&M Pumps
P&G Shoper Bag- similar HERE
H&M boyfriend jeans
Zara Blouse-similar here
Max&Co. Sunglasses

65 thoughts on “Perfect pair of boyfriend jeans!

    • Hi Miranda,
      Thank you so much for your comments. When I wore jeans before, it was only skinny jeans. But after trying these pair, now I already have 3. MAGIC :)


    • I am same, that’s why these jeans deserves an post. I usually just wear skirts and dresses :)
      Thanks for following. Your blog is amazing. Looking forward to some new posts. Mel


  1. I love this casual cool outfit! That coat is amazing but that bag is even better! I love everything about this! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog…I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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